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I am sure I'm not the only one who, when asked what would be your dream job, replies "to give up work and write full time".  My 8 year old boy asked me that the other day but is it something that we should be asking ourselves?

The "give up work" aspect of my answer, from the perspective of a child, means that writing isn't working.  It's something that I enjoy, but struggle to find enough time to be able to devote to it regularly.  I have been a bit better of late, but that's more to do with me biting the bullet and being honest when asked what I do with my little spare time and in the process, committing myself to little teasing from Mr T.  Whereas before, I used to just do it when he wasn't home, now, I will sit of an evening with my laptop on my knee and write. 

Like many of you, I work full time and have a family to look after and love.  Whilst I love to write, that is one of the things in my life that can slip to the bottom of the pile (but ranks higher than the ironing) and nobody's going to be put out or suffer for that fact that I haven't written 1000 words today.  And when, on a Friday night, I've already done a 37 hour week and will still have housework to do, to sit down and write sometimes feels like just too much hard work.

So if I'm asked again, by anyone, what my dream job would be, my answer would be "a writer who still has enough time to look after and love her family, do the housework and have just a little bit of time for me". 

Take care, Tx


21/09/2012 09:25

Hi Tasha

Brilliant post. Spot on! If only we had more time, eh?


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