This my effort for Breathless Press Blog Sunday Fun.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Oh dear, not again… I really must stop, I know, but it is such delightful fun on a summer’s day. Goodness only knows what George next door must think of me. Still, the garden is looking rather wonderful, thanks to all the extra attention.

‘Green Fingers’ Gardening Services came highly recommended by my sister, Freya. She’s had them tending to her bushes and whatnots for years.

The first time I used their services, I was quite nervous. My garden has always been my sanctuary. Did I really want a stranger rooting about my undergrowth?

Still, I took the bit firmly between my teeth and phoned. Mark was round within the hour, I really enjoyed watching him work, he had such a lovely smile, not to mention rippling muscles.
Nick came next, then Tom and then Lee, he’s my favourite. He’s here today for the third week running.

I’ve just been watering my delicate orchids with the mister and seemed to have accidentally sprayed him. Here come those pesky ants again, they only appear when Lee is here, and they’re crawling up his legs and onto his shirt.

Oh dear, not again… he’s peeling his t-shirt off, grinning at me.

“We’ll have to get those ants sorted, Mr Smith!”

I bit back a smile and nodded in agreement, swinging the mister around on my finger. Amazing what a couple of spoonful’s of sugar can do.

TT xx


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